Demand for gas in Victoria

Since the 1960s, gas resources from the offshore Gippsland Basin, under Bass Strait, have provided a reliable supply of natural gas to Victorians. Natural gas accounts for 19 per cent of all energy used in Victoria and our consumption is expected to increase.

Who relies on natural gas?

For the majority of Victorians, natural gas is an important energy source that we use every day in our households and businesses.

Natural gas is supplied by main pipelines and is used by 83 per cent of Victorian households as a source of energy. Many other households use bottled gas where mains gas is unavailable or in addition to mains gas.

Household use of natural gas includes cooking appliances - such as ovens, cooktops and barbeques - gas heaters, ducted heating units and hot water systems.

Victoria's manufacturing and business sectors rely on natural gas as an energy source in the manufacture of a range of products, such as basic chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, fertilisers, paints, pesticides and cosmetics.

Victoria has the largest residential gas demand of any Australian state, with total residential demand exceeding 100 petajoules per year or two-thirds of all residential gas consumption in Australia.

Chart: gas use in Victoria

Gas use in Victoria - Graph