National Harmonised Regulatory Framework

The Framework describes a set of leading practice principles to guide regulators and ensure regulatory regimes for coal seam gas development are robust, consistent and transparent across all Australian jurisdictions.

The Framework was developed in response to community concerns around four key aspects of development: well integrity, water management and monitoring, hydraulic fracturing and chemical use.

It provides assurance to communities and farmers that the Australian Government is committed to the protection and management of groundwater and surface water and will robustly regulate any activity that could impact on these valuable resources.

The former Standing Council on Energy and Resources (now the Energy Council) endorsed the National Harmonised Regulatory Framework in May 2013. The Council is responsible for pursuing priority issues of national significance in the energy and resources sectors.

The Council also commissioned the development of a Multiple Land Use Framework in response to conflict arising from land access and land uses.

The Multiple Land Use Framework – which was endorsed in December 2013 - consists of eight guiding principles and nine components (methods and tools), providing a clear direction for policy, planning and development to achieve:

  • A  shared commitment between the minerals and petroleum sector and regulators on multiple and sequential land uses
  • Better information to inform public discussion
  • Merit-based decisions for affected communities and landholders
  • Improved outcomes for affected communities and landholders.

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