The sustainable and responsible development of earth resources is regulated under Victorian law.

There is currently no production of onshore gas in Victoria.

In May 2015, the Victorian Government announced a Parliamentary Inquiry into onshore unconventional gas exploration and production. The Inquiry’s final report was tabled in Parliament on 8 December 2015. The Victorian Government is considering the report and a response will be provided in August 2016.

The moratorium on granting new exploration licences, hydraulic fracturing and exploration drilling for onshore gas will remain in place in the interim.

Current status and allowable activities

A moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, exploration drilling and new exploration licences for all onshore gas is in place. A ban on the addition of BTEX chemicals in hydraulic fracturing has been legisl...


DEDJTR’s Earth Resources Regulation branch administers legislation and associated regulations for Victoria’s mineral and petroleum industries.

Independent Expert Scientific Committee

The Independent Expert Scientific Committee provides government regulators with independent scientific advice on the potential water-related impacts of coal seam gas developments and proposals.

National Harmonised Regulatory Framework

The Framework provides guidance on the management of natural gas from coals seams focusing on well integrity, water management, hydraulic fracturing and chemical use.