About onshore gas

Learn more about the types of natural gas found within Victoria and information about hydraulic fracturing or fracking.

In May 2015, the Victorian Government launched a Parliamentary Inquiry into unconventional gas exploration and extraction. This work has now concluded and the Inquiry into Onshore Unconventional Gas in Victoria report was tabled in Parliament on 8 December 2015. The report will be thoroughly considered and will help inform the Government’s longer-term position on this important matter. While the Government considers its response to the report the hold, or moratorium, on new exploration licences and tenements for onshore gas, hydraulic fracturing and exploration drilling will remain in place, pending the conduct of the Parliamentary Inquiry and subsequent Government Response.

Types of onshore gas

Offshore and onshore natural gas, coal, tight and shale gases: what are they, where are they and how are they formed?

Hydraulic fracturing (fracking)

Find the latest information on the extraction technique hydraulic fracturing or fracking.